Wednesday, February 2, 2011


My name is Kim and I live on Sunnyslope, a cul-de-sac in a little suburb in the Midwest. Right now it's not particularly sunny, however; We're snowed in. 'We' is me, my 18-month-old daughter, my 3 roommates, our cat Trachea, 2 chihuahuas, and the newborn baby rat chihuahua puppy. We're all going a bit stir crazy (along with everyone else in the Midwest), so we've been doing some indoor gardening. I have some tomatoes and forget-me-nots sprouted. I also had lemon basil but Trachea ate it and I don't think it will recover. I'm waiting on rosemary and squash to sprout. Chelsey is growing roses and Jordan is growing forget-me-nots.

We're getting a head start  so that we'll have some stuff to transplant when it gets warm. We hope to have a pretty sizable vegetable garden this year, along with maybe an herb garden and some berry bushes. My daughter just loves blueberries. :) We're also looking into having a chicken coop for fresh eggs, and a compost bin. We're four college students and I'm a single mom, so anything we can do to save money! lol

This blog will be updated regularly with the status of our garden, pictures, gardening tips, as well as any other helpful articles I can find on frugal and sustainable living. Enjoy! :)

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